Elektronik devre arşivi

0 1000v regulated high voltage power supply
0 10v control for rc servos by ic 555
0 1v to 4 20 ma converter by tl082
0 1v to 4 20 ma converter by tl082
0 30 volts 25a variable power supply using lm723
0 5v pic voltmeter by ic pic16f876
0 99 counter by ic 4017×2
0 99 two digit counter by ic 74ls48 74ls90
0 15v dual power supply
1 20v 10a adjustable dc power supply by lm338
1 watt universal rf amplifier
1.2v led flasher joule thief
1.2 ghz vco circuit diagram
1.5v to 9v inverter circuit by bc547
10 14w class a amplifier by tip3055
10 amp solar charge controller by lm324
10 led flashing using cd4017
10 second fan on delay time by transistor
100w audio amplifier transistor by bdw84 bdw83
100w square wave inverter by cd4047 lm3582sc10612n3055
10a dc supply fix regulated by ic 78xx and mj15004
110vac inverter for automobile by 4013 555 4020 and 4049
12 15v 3a adjustable regulated supply by lm1084
12 to 240v inverter
12 v florescent lamp driver using mosfet
12 watt cb linear amplifier
120 and 240vac led voltage indicator
1200 watt ac dimmer by triac q4006lt
120v strobe light by scr
120w mosfet power amplifier irf540 irf9540
120w rms power amp ocl transistor bipolar
126v voltage regulator using pnp emitter follower
12to28v v5
12 v 12v 5a regulated power supply by lm338
12 v dc motor for cassette tape speed control
12 v dc motor speed controller by 4011
12 v drive 7 high efficiency white led flashlight
12 v fluorescent inverter by tip3055
12v fluorescent lamp flashing circuit
12v input 12v battery charger by 5557815
12v inverter
12v jacking up the 7805 regulator
12v lamp flasher with power mosfet
12v lead acid battery charger by lm317k
12v linear regulator for transceiver radio
12v regulated inverter supply
12v switching car psu by uc3843
12v switching regulator boosts input voltage
12v to 18v dc converter by lt1170
12v to 18v dc converter by lt1170
12v to 18v step up dc converter by ic 555
12v to 220v inverter 180w by 2n3055
12v to 5v 3a dc converter step down regulator
12v to 9v step down dc converter using ic 741 and 2n3055
12v transformerless power supply
12vdc negative voltage dc converter by 555
12vdc to 37v dc converter by sg3524
12v 20a supply
12v fluorescen lamp 20w
12v regulator
12v to 35v 35v for car
12 1a low dropout regulator
12 to 24v dc step up inverter
132v 40a power supply unit by ic 723 2n3055
13 8v 10a
13 8v 20a regulator
14 watt compact fluorescent electronic ballast
145 146 mhz crystal fm transmitter
15 v 1a regulated power supply
15db uhf tv antenna booster
15flash by 2n3904
15v 05a power supply by lm317
15v reducing voltage regulator noise
15v to 5v low noise step up converter
15w vhf amplifier by mfr313
16 w amplifier by lm383
18v dc power supply by 7818
1hz up to 22mhz generator by max038
1 khz bandpass filter by ic lm324
1w linear fm booster by 2n4427
1 to 12v low voltage led indicator power supply by lm317
1 to 32v 5a short circuit protection power supply by lm338
2 amp circuit
2 input audio mixer by 2n3904
2 transistor audio amplifier by bc108
2 transistor fm transmitter by 2n39042n2222 pcb
2 transistor fm transmitter by 2n39042n2222 pcb
2 transistor fm transmitter by 2n39042n2222
2 watt stereo amplifier with lm1877
2 x 40w valve amplifier
200 watt power amplifier for car by 2sc29222sa1216
200w mosfet amplifier hifi audio powerhouse
200w pc power supply 110v 220v by tl494
20a reg voed
21w class ab amplifier by tip41
22 watt car subwoofer amplifier
22 watt power amplifier using tda2040
220v power line interface with optocoupler
230v ac dimmer
24 watt class a amplifier by 2n3055
24v 3a adjustable power supply by lm350
24v flasher circuit by 2n3055
24vdc motor speed control with 20a shot circuit protection
250w computer power supply china circuit
25v 25v dc power supply
25v 2a
25w audio power amplifier by lm1875
25w rf amplifier by bly88
27 mhz receiver
2c cell led flashlight
2n3055 adjustable power supply 10v 14v schematic
2n3055 variable power supply
2v to 7v 8a power supply by 723 and 7812
2w swithing power supply
2×45 watt tube amplifier
3 30v 3a adjustable regulated dc power supply
3 5 volts to 12 converter with max668
3 6v xenon strobe light by ic 555 and irf9z20
3 digits digital volt meter with pic16f676
3 led battery monitor circuit
3 volt car adapter by lt1074
30 watt amplifier hifi using tda2050
300 mhz prescaler by mct10280
300w inverter 24vdc to ac220vac circuit by ne555ca3130mj15003
300 w inverter 24vdc to ac220vac pcb by ne555ca3130mj15003
300 w mosfet power amp ocl hifi class ab by k1530j201
300 watt audio amplifier hifi by mj15003 mj15004 transistor
30w class ab amplifier by tip2955 tip3055
32 channel ir remote controller by sl490
33v regualated supply using 6v
3a switching regulator using lm317k
3v fm transmitter for 88mhz to 108mhz by bfr90
3v lamp flasher high current by lm3909
3v to 12v step up dc converter by ic lt1073 12
3v to 15v step up dc converter by lt1073
3v to 5v step up converter with undervoltage lockout
3v fm transmitter for short distance 88mhz to 108mhz
3w 5w class a audio amplifier by bd439
3w hi fi stereo amplifier by 2n1613
4 5 10mhz superheterodyne rcvr
4 channel stereo audio selector by ka2281
4 digit up down counter with pic 16f88
4 transistor amplifier for small speaker
4 transistor fm transmitter by 2n3904
40 watt audio power amplifier by lm3876
40 watt hi fi amplifier using tda1514
4011 dual led flasher
4017 led pattern flasher
40mhz 400mhz frequency counter by pic16f84
40w magnetic ballast
40 watt fmbc
4511 binary to decimal decoder
45w single chip amplifier by lm3876
48v phantom microphone power supply
4v 220v test led probe
4x15w quad amplifier 12v by ta8215
4x55w power amplifier by tda7560
5 minutes time delay using cd4093
5 volt regulator by lm309
50 300mw fm transmitter by bc549
50 watt amplifier by icl8063
50 watt power amplifier by tda2052
500mw fm transmitter by bc549
500w lin
500w mosfet power inverter from 12v to 110v 220v
50mhz frequency meter by pic16f84
50w amplifier constructional project by tda7294
50w audio power amp by tip33 tip34
50w audio power amp by tip33 tip34
50w hi fi amplifier by tda7294
50w power amplifier by stk1050
50w amp ocl
555 ic timer control relay switch
555 timer pulse generator
56w audio power amplifier with mute by lm3876
5v 12v multiple supply switching regulator by l4970 and l4974a
5v 12v step up converter circuit
5v 1a power supply with lm2575
5v 1a power supply with lm2575
5v 3a regulate power supply by tip2955
5v buck regulator using lm2678
5v dc converter using adp2303
5v lab power supply
5v low drop out regulator low volt
5v power supply by l296
5v to 12v step up dc converter by lt1073 12
5v to 15v step up converter with ic lt1073
5v to 24v dc variable regulator by 7805
5v transformerless power supply
5v transformerless power supply
5vdc switching regulator from 9v battery by lt1073 5
5v a2313
6 12conv
6 amp solar power center by tlc2272
6 light running by ic 4017 and scr
6 transistor super regen receiver by bc548
60 hz not pass filter using ic 741
60 watt power amplifier by tda1514a
60 watts rf amplifier
65w amplifier ocl by lf351 tip2955 tip3055
6amp reg powersupply
6v backup battery power supply regulator with ic 7805
6v or 12v lead acid battery charger using lm317
6v to 12v converter by tda2003
7 led light running adjust speed by 4017 and 555
7 stage binary counter display with led using ic 4024
7824 to 25v 2a
78xx power supply
7w power amp car audio with ic tba810
80 watt ic lm3875 audio amplifier
80w flourescent electronic ballast by phe13005
80w tube monoblock amplifier
8a solinoid driver by mosfet irf150
8v 8v dual linear regulators by 78l08 and 79l08
8w amplifier by lm383
8w flouroscent lamp driver using 2sc1983
8w pll stereo transmitter with lcd
9 volt fm transmitter kit
9v 12v
9v battery changed to 5v
9v low power switching regulator by ic rc4193
9v negative power supply units
9v regulator low current supply
9v to 3v step down converter by lt1073
9w power amplifier by tda1010
a bipolar regenerative receiver
a compact 36 72v dc input 33v 10a output power supply
a flyback converter high voltage supply by 555
a frequency doubler effect for electric guitar
a microphone from the speaker
a pure class a dynamic headphone amplifier
a simple pwm circuit based on the 555 timer
a simple solar panel regulator by tlc271
a simple voltage regulator 22v 22v by tip3055tip2955
aa circuit
ac current monitor by lm358lm324
ac dimmer for lamp 6v
ac light flashing power lamp using scr
ac lights dimmer with triac
ac load line power flasher by scr
ac motor speed control by scr
ac power monitor with led display
ac to dc converter using mc34161
ac220v light dimmer 100w
active antenna by mpf102
active antenna for 10khz to 100mhz by bf247
active high pass filter circuit using lm741
active light control by ldr and bc337
active tone controls by transistor
adapter 1 4
adapter 9 5
adapter 9 6 4 5
adc dac
add dimensional sound from 2ch to 4ch 928×1024
add dimensional sound from 2ch to 4ch
adjustable current limit for dual power supply
adjustable regulator by ic tl431
adjustable voltage output control by 2sc458
adjustment power supply values 1.25 15v max current 0.5 amps
adp1261 dc controller 3v to 12v
advanced bicycle lightings
advanced usb device charger lt1301
alarm phone dialer with mt8880 and pic 16f84a
alarm when the supply to rack with 1n4001
alternate 555 oscillator
alternative halogen power supply
am cw ham bands transmitter
am fm sw active antenna by mpf102
am reciever with tda1072a
am transmitter by bc109
amp1 2
amp20w lm1875
amplified crystal radio by lm386
amplifier 500 mw with ic lm386n
amplifier circuits with transistors 2sc1815
amplifier class ab hi fi 70w by mj15022 mj15023
amplifier mosfet hifi 240w by buz23
amplifier power supply using high current transformer
an adjustable breadboard power supply by lm317
an anemometer by tl1013
analog solar tracker by power mosfet irfz34 lm339
annoying high pitch noise generator by 555
antenna tunning circuit for 27mhz cb band
astable timer with pic 12f629 12f675
atmel solar panel battery charger by attiny13v
atmel solar panel battery charger by attiny13v
audible light sensor by ic 741
audio indicator by 741
audio level meter by bc108
audio level meter
audio limiter audio control
audio limiter audio control1
audio mixer by 2n3819 junction fet
audio mixer by 2n3819 junction fet
audio mixer by fet 2n3819
audio mixer by ic lf353
audio monitoring system receiver
audio monitoring system transmitter
audio power amplifier with lm12
audio vu meter by lm324
auto fan
autoformer switch mode power supply
automatic battery charger 6v 12v with relay cut off by lm324
automatic charger and full charged indicator using lm317k tl431
automatic fader by lf351 fet
automatic head lights turn off circuit
automatic headlight brightness switch
automatic headlight dim switch
automatic lamp control with light sensitive switch
automatic mooring light by lf351
automatic morning ligh using lf351
automatic off 12v battery charger by power scr
automatic wiper control circuit
automobile turn signal circuit
avr isp programmer by 74hct244
avr lcd thermometer by lm35
ba1404 stereo fm transmitte
backup lamp light fails by vmos
bahtiyar 320volt.com.txt
balance display circuit by bc147
bargraph voltage indicator by lm339
basic 555 timer oscillator
basic dc voltage regulated 13v low current
basic differentiator by lm741
basic dual dc power supply 6v
basic memory functions by lm339
basic stepper motor driver by 74194
basic timer control with ne555
basic timer using fet 2n3819
basic usb rs232 communication by pic microcontroller
battery 15v or 3v monitor using lm3909
battery backup supply
battery charger circuit
battery low voltage detector using ic 8211
battery powered night lamp by 555
battery saver by pushbutton version
battery splitter using ltc1044
batt chg ckt large
beautiful car brake lights by bc327
bench power supply by pic16f870
bench variable power supply 0 30v
bh1417 stereo pll fm transmitter
bh1417 pll stereo fm transmitter
bidirectional photoelectric system
bipolar amplifier hifi ocl 100w by bd317 bd318
blown fuse indictor led display
boost up voltage for relay
bounceless switch by ic ne555
bread board power supply by lm317
bridge amplifier by lm741
bridge amplifier by lm7411
broken charger connection alert
buffer opamps by ca3140
building a serial servo motor controller by pic16f84
burglar alarm circuit by 2n2222
burglar alarm model the circuit closes
canary chirp generator using bc109
capacitance meter using lm2917
caps provide voltage boost to series regulator
car alarm timer delay using ne556
car alternator voltage regulator
car audio stereo amplifier 10w10w using tda2004
car battery charger by mc78t12
car battery volt meter circuit using led
car burglar alarm system with radio wave signal
car cassette power supply
car water temperature by ca3161 ca3162
cassette preamplifier by transister bc109
cb transmitter by 2n3553 bd329
cd4027 divide by 2 counter circuit
cemf charger high voltage out
central heating programmer with serial pc interface
central locking interface
charger2 1
cheap 100w to 150w amplifier ocl hifi
cheap high voltage low current dc to dc inverter
checking transistor with the sound
christmas tree lights flasher with 7812lm380
cicuit power amplifier ocl 100w mosfet k134j49
circuit 0 30v variable power supply by c1061
circuit 1
circuit 10 ch graphic equaliser by ic la3600
circuit 12v to 220v 50hz inverter 50w by m706b1
circuit 12v to 50v dc converter for car by ic tl072 2n3055
circuit 30w amp otl by tda2030 transistor
circuit 35w amplifier bcl by tda2030
circuit 35w hi fi audio power amplifier by tda2050
circuit 40w amp ocl 2n3055mj2955
circuit 5 channels 2 octave graphic equaliser by ic 4558
circuit 5 channels graphic equaliser by la3600
circuit 50w ocl mosfet k1058 j162
circuit 555 table lamp circuit
circuit 5v power supply low volt drop out regulator by lm317
circuit allows slew rate control
circuit amp hi bridge 40w
circuit battery voltage regulator by mc34063
circuit bridge adaptor by ne5534
circuit calibrated current for battery charger
circuit car battery alarm by ic ca3140
circuit charger battery
circuit clipping amplifier
circuit digital measurements temperature by lm335
circuit dmm to stopclock converter with ca3140
circuit door buzzer by ne555 lm380
circuit dynamic microphone preamp mono by transister c945
circuit egg timer by 555
circuit ic 4049 clock pulse generator
circuit integrated amplifier ocl 25w with ic stk032
circuit inverter 100w 12v to 220v by transistor
circuit inverter 100w by ic 4047 2n3055
circuit lm8560 digital clock 24 hr with alarm
circuit main amp ocl 6w with lm380
circuit mosquito repellant by 555 4017 4011
circuit peak level indicator by lm723
circuit power amp 20w with ic tda2009
circuit power amp 6w with ic tba810
circuit power amp 7w with ic tba810
circuit power amp mosfet ocl 60w by k134 and j49
circuit power amp ocl 100w by transister mj15003mj15004
circuit power amp ocl 50w with lm3900 2n3055
circuit power amp otl 100w by transistor 2n3055
circuit power amp otl 100w by transistor 2n30551
circuit power amplifier otl 50w by 2n3055
circuit power supply 0 50v 1a by ic ca3130ca3068 and 2n3055
circuit power supply 5 to 25v 5v to 25v 1a with ic 7805 7905
circuit power supply 90v
circuit power supply regulator 0 30v 1a by ic 741 transistor 2n3055 2n3565
circuit power supply regulator 0 30v 5a by lm723 ca31402n3055
circuit power supply regulator 0 35v 2a by ic lm723 transistor 2n3055 bd140 a671
circuit pre amp with transistor
circuit pre mic microphone preamplifier 3 ch by ic lm348
circuit pre tone control stereo bass treble by ic ne5532 x2
circuit regulator 0 30v 5a by ic lm723 2n3055 x 2
circuit simple power supply regulator 12v 15v 30v by zener diode
circuit sound scr switch by ic 1458 scr c106d
circuit tda1908 amplifier otl 8w
circuit tda2030 amp otl 15w
circuit tone control 2 transister mono
circuit variable regulator 0 50v 2a by ic lm723 2n3055
circuit 7806 dc regulator 6v
circuit lm317 variable regulator 30v 1a
circuit pre mic 2transister 1
circuit regulator 0 30v 2a ic 723 2n3055
circuit regulator 125 30v 1a by lm317t
circuit regulator for 78xx
circuit variable regulator 0 30v 5a lm723 ca3140 2n3055
clapp sine wave oscillator
class a audio amplifiers
class a buffer preamplifier by bc550
class a mosfet amplifier by 2sk1058
class a power amplifier by irf530n78l05
class b audio amplifier 15w by ne5532 transistor
classic minimalist amplifier 2w
classic tone control circuit with low noise transistor
cmos 4013 switch
cmos logic clock by ic 4011
cmos monostable by 4011
coil less fm transmitter ic 40106
coildrv by ic 555
compaq power supply 200w
compares with sound level tool
computer audio booster 2w by tip31tip32
computer controller for dc motors by 74ls192
computer off switch circuit diagram
constant current nicad battery charger
constant current source led drive
constant temperature by ic 741
control signal automatic fader by lf351
control stepping motor via usb interface by pic18f4550
control stepping motor via usb interface
controlling the speed of 3 phase induction motors
convert two level dc voltage 5v 12v
create music with hand touch
create music with ic um66t
create natural sound using ic mm5837
cricket generator by 2n4891
crystal radio audio amplifier
crystal radio
crystal oscillator
crystal oscillator 74hc04
current limit switch is digitally programmable
current limit switch is digitally programmable
current limiting bench power supply
current source based on jfet
d flip flop made with a lm556 timer
danger beep by ic 555
dark activated switch
dark detecting led
dc 12v to dc 6v 75v 9v converter using 2n3055
dc converter 12v to 15v at 4a by 78s40
dc converter 12v to 24v using lm358 bc337
dc converter 6v to 12v by bd679
dc dc converter circuit max756
dc dc converter dc12v to 24v 2a by ic 40106 buz11
dc dc converters 12v to 120vdc 20w by mje2955
dc down
dc motor controller by sg3525
dc motor driver h bridge
dc motor runs off of calculator solar cell in dim light
dc power supply 24v and 24v for power amplifier 30w
dc power supply 300v from battery 12v
dc power supply 5 22v by 7805
dc power supply 5v and 12v using 2n3055 lm309
dc power supply 9 volt using tip31 transistor
dc power supply not use transformer
dc regulator supply 15v non transformer
dc servo motor driver by pic16c71
dc stepup
dc supply adjustable voltage 0 20v at 1a
dc to ac inverter by ic 555 and tip41 tip42
dc voltage doubler with 74hc132
dcdc lm2575 fet schem
delayed off light switch
deoderizer fan timer
derby finish line detector by lm339
desktop power supply by lm317
dew sensor by lm358
dfferential temperature relay switch by ic 741
diagram micro inverter by 2n5121
digital gain control of opamp
digital isolation up to 100 bits circuit
digital remote thermometer
digital to analog
digital voice recorder playback um5100
digital volume control by ds1669
digital ambermeter
digital block supply
digital voice record playback project by isd2560p
digital voltmeter
dimmer or power control by bta12 600
dimmer with a mosfet circuit diagram
ding dong sound generator by ne555
diode thermometer 1n4148
discharge ni cad batteries
discrete virtual ground circuit
diy dual fan controller project
dome lamp dimmer by lm358
door buzzer with ne555
door handle alarm
double flash 12 24v strobe by mc34063
double ignition coil high voltage generator
doubler voltage 12vdc to 24vdc with ne555
drive scr thyristor by ic 555
driving bipolar stepper motors by pic16f84
dry cell battery charger using lm741 and ic4011
dtmf decoder with lcd display
dual dc power supply 5v 12v
dual dc regulator 15v using c1061 and a761
dual fan controller by attiny45
dual led flasher by 2n2907
dual opamp buffered supply by 741
dual power supply 24v 24v by ic 7824 7924
dual power supply 24v and 12v unregulator
dual power supply 3v5v6v9v1215v with lm317lm337
dual power supply 8v 8v 12v 12v
dual rail power supply 0 to 15v 1a by lm317lm337
dual variable regulator power supply 5 25v by lm7805lm7905
dynamic microphone amplifier for earphones
dynamo current and voltage regulator by tl084
easy 5v 10a switching regulator by l4970a
easy amplifier hifi ocl 150w rms by transistor
easy audio mixer by lm837
easy create music by um66t
easy kick out steal
easy lamp flasher by ic 4011
easy power supply regulator 3 3v 1a with pnp transistor
easy sound generator high power by tc4011
easy test power battery by bc547
ecm mic preamplifier by bc549
ee2382390 1
electro meter by fet 2n3819
electronic bird sounds
electronic car horn by lm556
electronic car horn by ne556
electronic chime by ic 4069
electronic mailbox front door with ic 555
electronic motocycle ignition cdi honda c 90
electronic siren circuit using bc337
electronic siren circuit with two transistor
electronic time constant control
electronic fuse for short circuit protection
electronic siren
electronic switch
electronic switch on off
electronic thermometer project by lm3914 diagram
emergency power siren 6 watt
emergency siren simulator
enhanced 4 digit alarm keypad by 4081
erg pwm sch
esr and low ohms meter
eup8054 lithium charger
extension phone line switcher by scr 2n5061
fading led by lm358
fading leds
fan controller by 741
fan speed over ride switch
fancy leds by 16f628
fan schematic pic micro controller
fast charge controller with max712 max713
fast led flashing 15v
fast nimh nicd battery charger by pic16f84a
fast nimh nicd battery charger by pic16f84a
fet current source by bf256
fet overload current trip
fet preamp with tone control by 2n3819
filter the scratch and rumble noise
fire alarm circuit using um66t tda2002
fire alarm using thermistor
first servomotor control program by pic16f84
flashing led with pic12f629
fluid level detector using lm1830n
fluorescent lamp 8w driver by c1983
fluorescent light by 6v power
fly drive
fly drv2
flyback transformer based high voltage generators
flyback transformer based high voltage generators
fm adaptor circuit for car stereo
fm am regenerative receiver by 2n2646
fm if subsystem with ca3189e
fm radio by la1800
fm radio tda7088 receiver
fm radio with tda7000
fm receiver 4 transistor by bf184
fm receivers by tl431 2n4416
fm stereo receiver by tea5711t
fm surveillance bug transmitter using 2n2222
fm telephone bug
fm tracking transmitter by 2n4392
fm transmitter one transistor by 2n3564 2n5225
fm transmitter one transistor by 2n3564 2n5225 pcb
fm wireless microphone
fm transmitter 3w 2n3553
fm transmitter 4w 2n3553
fm wireless microphone circuit diagram
forgot door alarm circuit
four sirens sound with ic um3561
frequency counter using pic16f84
frequency divider by 555 and 4040
frequency divider by 555 and 4040
frequency divider by one transistor bc549
frequency meter by ic timer 7555
frequency meter for 10 hz to 100 khz input by 74121
frequency to voltage converter using lm331
frequency to voltage converter using lm555
frequency doubler with 4011 a
frequency doubler with 4069
fsk demodulator tone decoder with rc2211n
full featured dual h bridge
full featured dual h bridge
function generator icl8038
fuse with status indicator
fuzz audio converter using lm324
fuzz box by all fet
gate tone generator by ic 4011
general purpose power supply with lm723 and tip31
general purpose power supply by ic 723 l146
guitar practice amplifier
h bridge motor driver by tip120tip125
h bridge motor driver by tip120tip125
halogen lamp dimmer with soft start
ham radio bfo
hard disk switch circuit diagram
headlight alarm
headphone amplifier by transistor bc109
headphone amplifier
heater fan controller by pic12f675
heating system thermostat
hf 300khz 30mhz linear amplifier
hf vhf uhf preamp using one bsx 20 by 2n2369
hifi transistor headphone amplifier
high current variable voltage regulator 2 36v 10a
high efficiency lantern with flasher and dimmer by lm358
high quality 200mw fm transmitter by bf199
high volt mini amplifier with ujt transistor
high volt shock by transistor 2sc458
high voltage mini power supply by 2n2222
high voltage power supply 3000v
high voltage regulator with short circuit protection
high voltage spill equal dc 900v
high voltage switching for energy recovery for xenon tube
highvo3 4069
high temperature alarm
high voltage protector for meters by ca3130
high volt mosfet supply
home burglar alarm with timer delay using one ic 556
hot water level indicator by lm324
house fm transmitter 88 108mhz at 4 watt
how to use pic ds1820 thermometer
ic 555 led flasher
icl7107 icl7106 digital voltmeter
icl7107 based 4 channel digital thermometer
icl7660 dc to dc converter input 5v to output 5v
ieee amp sch
ignition coil high voltage generator by scr trigger
ignition coil high voltage generators
in car lights delay
increase the current ic lm7805
inductorless switching regulator boosts input voltage
infra red extender mark 4
infra red remote control extender by ca3140
infrared alarm r
infrared alarm t
infrared intruder alarm
infrared intrusion barrier receiver
infrared intrusion barrier transmitter
infrared link control system
infrared motion detector circuit
infrared remote control tester for tv and vcr remote
integrated battery level indicator with 3 level led
intermittent wiper controller
inverter circuit diagram
inverter 100w 12v 220v by ic 4047 irf540
ipod mp3 player charger by mc34063
ipod mp3 player charger mc34063
ir headset using transistor bc549
ir remote control extender by 4049
ir relay
ir switch
isolate ground amplifier by lf356
jdm programmer modification by com1
jean hiraga le monstre 8w class a amplifier
keyboard music circuit
klay 4dig
kpad 4dig
l146lm327 power supply regulator 0 40v 08a
l165 symmetrical power supply
lab power supply 0 30v 2a by ca3140tip412n3055
laboratory power supply variable voltage 0 50v 1a
laboratory power supply variable voltage by ic 723 2n3055
lamp 6 volt flashing by two transistor
lamp flasher by 2n2907 bipolar transistor
lamp flasher current 1a
lamp flasher using lm317
lamp flasher using lm395
lamp flashing alarm automatic
lantern flasher dimmer by lm358
lc meter based on pic16f84a
lc meter based on the avr microcontroller
lcd 2 usb by atmel avr mega8 cpu
lcd thermometer by icl7136
lcd cli nr
ldo1 sch
lead acid battery charger 6v 12v by 555 and lm340
lead acid battery charger by l200
led chaser by ic 4017 ic 555
led display ac line indicator circuit
led display for battery low volt
led display for power supply 6v or 15v by lm3909
led display low volt battery 9v using scr
led fiber optic night light
led flasher 2 by pic16f84
led flasher with scr and ujt
led fm tuning indicator
led indicator for remote ac loads
led lights for ac line
led night line 120v using scr
led oscilloscope by lm3914 4017
led stroboscope
led tone generator by ic lm555
led transmitter by ic timer 555
led vu meter by ic lm3914
led vu meter circuit by transistor
led4 led sensor electronic tracker with simple solar charge controller
led as a light sensor
level detector by ic lm741
li ion battery charger for mobile phone by tl431
li ion charger using lp2951
li ion white led driver by lt1618
light ac dimmer 120watt
light actuated relay circuits by photo transistor
light change detector by ic ca3130
light dark detector alarm by ic 555
light flasher when fuse lose
light flashing car 12 volt using lm3909
light sensitive switch with ldr 2n2926
light to frequency converter tsl220
light to sound wave receiver using ic 741
light turning bike using ic lm3909
lightning storm detector
linaer x10 amplifier by 4011 gate
linear constant current white led dimmer
linear light dimmer by power mosfet
lithium ion lithium poly charger by lm317
lithium ion lithium polymer usb battery charger by max1811
lm 2577 switching regulator
lm117 lm217 lm317
lm2575 5 0
lm2575 switching regulator
lm2576 5 0%20circuit
lm2576 5 0%20circuit
lm2576 5 0
lm2576 switching regulate circuit
lm2576 5v 3a switching supply
lm2577 12 circuit
lm2577 12
lm2596 5 0
lm2673 5v 3a switching dc regulator
lm2678 12 0 switchg reg 12v
lm2678 5 0%20circuit
lm2678 5 0
lm2678 5 0 switchg reg 5v 5a
lm311 oscillator
lm317 current regulator
lm317 linear power supply regulator 15v3v45v5v6v9v 15a
lm3622 lithium ion charger
lm378 power amplifier otl 15w
lm379 dual 6 watt amplifier
lm379 power amplifier otl stereo 6w6w
lm380 mini size amplifier
lm383 power amplifier otl 55w for car
lm3875 chip amplifier
lm3875 non inverting gainclone amplifier
lm3886 chip amplifier
lm3886 gainclone 2x 68w full amplifier project
lm3886 monolithic power amplifier
lm390 mini intercom
lm390 power amplifier otl 1w
lm7805 regulator
logic digital tester by lm324
logic probe by 74ls47
logic probe by ic 4050
long range fm transmitter
low battery voltage indicator by ic 8211
low cost fire alarm circuit using transistor
low distortion 30w audio amplifier
low distortion audio range oscillator by ne5532
low frequency crystal controlled oscillator
low impedance mini amplifier
low noise tone control circuit using c945
low noise variable output 1 25v to 12vdc
low pass active filter by lm741
low pass filter circuit 10khz using ua741
low pass filter for fm 88 108 mhz
low pass filter subwoofer by tl072
low power 12000 volt power supply
low speed avr oscilloscope by pic18f2550
low volt led flasher
low voltage preamplifier by bc549
low dop reg
low voltage battery checker
lsp protection
lt3755 sealed lead acid battery charger
lt3844 power circuit
ltc4078 lithium ion charger circuit
magic lamp
magnetic cartridge preamplifier by lt1028
mains voltage indicator with a led
make a pic based cockroach shocker
manual servo control by pic16f84
max630 solar power supply
max668 16v power supply
mc33374 switching power supply
mcu control motor speed and direction
mcu system controller 12v dc motor speed and direction using irf150
measurements temperature by diode 1n4148
melody generator with um3491
metal detector by ic 4093
metal detector circuit by bc548
metronome by 555
metronome by transistor
micro dc 3v to 9v dc converter by tl496
micro inverter by 2n5121
microphone mixer by 741
microphone preamplifier by ic tl084
microphone preamplifier by lm837
microphone preamplifier with ssm 2015
mini ac lamp flasher follow audio by scr
mini amplifier for computer music
mini emergency light by 9013 transistor
mini flourescent lamp inverter
mini intercom by one ic op amp
mini inverter 10w 30w by transistor d313
mini inverter 12v to 120v by tip32
mini inverter 12v to 220v by 2n3055 2n2905
mini metronome by 555
mini mixer by bc550c
mini mosfet audio amplifier 30w by irf530 irf9530
mini organ by 2n4891
mini power amplifier 30w by tip141 tip146
mini trombone sound generator by lm3909
mini zener based solar engine by 2n3904
mini zener based solar engine by 2n3904
miniature temperature monitors drive 3 speed fan controller
miniature temperature monitors drive 3 speed fan controller
missing pulse detector circuit using ne555
mobile bug circuit diagram ca3130
mod det
moisture activated by bipolar transistor
moisture meter by 2n2222
monostable multivibrator by 4538
morse buzzer alarm or continuity tester by ic 4011
mosfet 6 watt siren
mosfet ac power inverter
mosfet amplifier otl 100w by k1058j162
mosfet power amplifier 120w by k1058j162
mosfet amp hpa
mosfet amp pa
mosfet amp preamp page3
motor control by l6203drv
motor ctrl
multi instrument melody generator um34811a
multi tone alarm circuit by mc1458 and lm380
multiple servomotors by pic16f84
music box daylight with ic um66t
musical car reverse horn circuit
muti lab power supply 15v30v45v60v
nagative voltage generation using 555 timer
negative supply voltage low current
negative to positive voltage supply with lm741
ni cad battery charger with dc power supply 9v
ni cd battery auto charger by lm311
nicad battery charger by ic ca3140e
nicad battery charger by ic lm317t
night security light
night lamp
nimh battery charger using cd4541
nitrogen laser high voltage power supply
noise filter signal using fet 2n3819
noise gate by bc109
non isolated off line ac to dc power supply
off after delay switch by mosfet
old power supply computer by tl494
on after delay with mosfet
one led display flashing low volt
one shot timer by ic ne555
one transistor code lock by 2n2222
one transistor fm receiver by mpf102
one button on off circuit with 4093 and irfz44
op amp audio amplifier
op amp siren sound using ic 741
opto thermo control relay switch with ic 741
opto tone control sound by light
or gate by 555
otl amplifier 60w by lm3900
otl amplifier 60w lm3900
output buffer by ic cd4050
over voltage protection
overload protection circuit
pal colour encoder tea2000
passive tone control circuit
pbs switch debouncing by 555
pc serial port buffer
pcb 0 30v variable power supply by c1061
pcb 10 ch graphic equaliser by ic la3600
pcb 12v to 220v 50hz inverter 50w by m706b1
pcb 12v to 50v dc converter for car by ic tl072 2n3055
pcb 30w amp otl by tda2030 transistor
pcb 35w amplifier bcl by tda2030
pcb 35w hi fi audio power amplifier by tda2050
pcb 40w amp ocl 2n3055mj2955
pcb 5 channels 2 octave graphic equaliser by ic 4558
pcb 5 channels graphic equaliser by la3600
pcb 50w ocl mosfet k1058 j162
pcb amp hi bridge 40w
pcb charger battery
pcb circuit power amp ocl 100w by transister mj15003mj15004
pcb digital measurements temperature by lm335
pcb inverter 100w 12v to 220v by transistor
pcb inverter 100w by ic 4047 2n3055
pcb lm8560 digital clock 24 hr with alarm
pcb main amp ocl 100w with mj802 mj4502
pcb main amp ocl 6w with lm380
pcb mosquito repellant by 555 4017 4011
pcb power amp 20w with ic tda2009
pcb power amp 7w with ic tba810
pcb power amp mosfet ocl 60w by k134 and j49
pcb power amp ocl 25w with ic stk032
pcb power amp ocl 35w with 2n3055
pcb power amp ocl 50w with lm3900 2n3055
pcb power amp otl 100w by transistor 2n3055
pcb power amp super bridge 120w by ic tda2030
pcb power amplifier ocl 100w mosfet k134j49
pcb power amplifier super small bcl 12w
pcb power supply 5v 1a by ic 7805
pcb power supply 5v 5a by 7805mj2955 for digital circuit
pcb power supply regulator 0 30v 5a by lm723 ca31402n3055
pcb power supply regulator 0 35v 2a by ic lm723 transistor 2n3055 bd140 a671
pcb power supply regulator 15v 15v 1a by ic 7815 7915
pcb pre amp with transister
pcb pre mic microphone preamplifier 3 ch by ic lm348
pcb pre tone control stereo by ic ne5532
pcb regulator 0 30v 5a by ic lm723 2n3055 x 2
pcb regulator 12v 10a by ic 7232n3055
pcb simple power supply regulator 12v 15v 30v by zener diode
pcb simple regulator by transistor c1061
pcb sound scr switch by ic 1458 scr c106d
pcb telephone ringer by ic ka2411
pcb tone control 2 transister mono
pcb variable regulator 0 50v 2a by ic lm723 2n3055
pcb variable regulator 0 30v 5a lm723 ca3140 2n3055
pcb0 50v th
pcb1 12v to 220v 50hz inverter 50w by m706b1
pcb dynamic microphone preamp mono by transister c945
pcb lm317 variable regulator 30v 1a
pcb pre mic 2transister 1
pcm2902 soundcard with microphone input
peak detector by ic lf353
peak reading vu meter by ca3130
peal from the transistor
personal alarm using ic 74hc04
petrol gas switch for a pajero
phone line controller by pic16f84
photo flash at 15 volts by d965
photo flash in camera with battery 15v
photocell based night light by ua741
pic caller id by pic16f628
pic dual temperature meter by pic16f628
pic frequency meter and volt meter by pic16f876
pic to rs232 interface
pic16f628 based caller id
pic16f628 digital clock timer
pic16f84 alarm clock
pic16f84a 35ghz lcd frequency counter
pocket headphone amplifier by opa134
police sirens sound with ic 555
portable 9v headphone amplifier by ne5532
portable microphone preamplifier
portable usb charger
positive negative probe with ic 555
power amp ocl 70w with ic 741 2n3055mj2955
power amp super bridge 120w by ic tda2030
power amplifier 60w by tda7294
power amplifier bcl 18w by ic tda2009
power amplifier class a 25w
power amplifier class a by transistor tip41tip42
power amplifier genneral purpose by ic tda2030
power amplifier mosfet hi fi 300w by 2sk1058 2sj162
power amplifier ocl 180w mosfet j50 and k135
power amplifier ocl 35w by ne5402n3055 mj2955
power amplifier ocl 50w by bd250c bd249c
power amplifier ocl 80w hi fi by ic tda2020
power amplifier otl by ac176ac126
power amplifier otl cassette radio booster by tip41tip42
power amplifier sqelch function in tv by ic tda1910
power amplifier transistor hifi 1500w 4 ohms
power amplifier vmos otl 10 watt
power buzzer by tda2030
power inverter 12vdc to 220vac using cmos 4047
power mosfet bridge rectifier
power supply 1
power supply 20v and 20v 5a by lm338
power supply 24v 24v 3a for amplifier hifi
power supply 300v 50ma 63v 3a max
power supply 5 13v with ic 7805 ca3140
power supply 5v 2a by ic 78s05
power supply 5v 5a by 7805mj2955 for digital circuit
power supply 6v 9v for a calculater
power supply 9vdc no transformer
power supply adjustable 0 30v 2a by ua7232n3055
power supply monitor for ttl
power supply regulator 15v 15v 1a by ic 7815 7915
power supply regulator 1 2v 20v and 3v 6v 9v 12v 3amp with lm317t and 2n3055
power supply regulator 38v
power supply regulator mini 9v 075a by transistor
power supply regulator switching 0 50v 5a by tl494 mj15004
power supply switching regulator 12v 3a by lm2576 12
powerful siren by bc337
powersmart solar speeder motor by 2n3904
powersupply schematic
power amp 35w 1
power amp 45w hexfet
power amp 65w a
power amp stk
power supply
power supply 0 30v 0 2a
power supply 2 30v 5a
power supply 50v 3a
power supply 600 volt
pre amplifier with transistors
pre mic audio amplifier with ic lm386
pre microphone low impedance using tl084
pre tone control high quality with transistor low noise
pre tone control stereo by ic ne5532
precise low voltage power supply 0 5vmax 20v 2a
precision led regulator by lm337t
precision metronome pitch generator
prescaler with counter by ic digital 451174190
processor fan control circuit diagram
project 35w hi fi audio power amplifier by tda2050
proximity detector using cs209
psu sch
ps minus 12v reg sch
ptp2008 fan regulation
ptp2008 volt reg
pulse width adjuster reverses servo motor
pulse width modulation dc motor control by 4011
pulse width modulation using ic 555
pulse width modulator by lm3524
pulse width modulators using lm339
push pull class a 2a3 stereo vacuum tube amp
put controlled sawtooth wave generator
pwm 12v dc motor speed regulator
pwm driven safety strobe by uc3842 tl3842
pwm motor speed control by 555
pwm pluse 555
pwm speed rotation forard reverse and regenerative braking
pwm 555
quad power supply for hybrid amplifier
race start lights
radio charger
radio remote control using dtmf by um91214 kt3170
rain alarm using ne555
rain sound effect generator by 4060
ramp generator by 2n4891
ramsey 25 ba1404 stereo fm transmitter
rc5 rc6 codes on a lcd pic16f628
real time clock pcf8583
rear light after glow for bicycles
rectifier by zener diode
regulated power supply by transistor tip31
regulatedps40v lm317 tip42
regulator 12v 10a by ic 7232n3055
regulator 12v 12v by 7812 7912
regulator 15v 400ma by 748 and 2n3055
regulator booster by transistor
regulator 5vdc 200ma 2n3055 tl431
relay driver
relay timer switch1
remote and touch volume controls by mc3340p
remote control encoder m145026
remote control using telephone by kt3170
remote control using vhf modules
resistor 5
reverse cct
rf dual dc motor controller
rf modem by xr2211 xr2206
rf power amplifier 80w by c2782
rf power amplifier 87 108mhz 4 5w by 2sc1947
rf preamplifier by 2n2219a 2n4427 2n3553
rf amplifier 15and17 meterband 10w amp
room temperature controller by pic16f873
running lights lm555 4017
running light lm555 4017
salt taster by lm324
sch smps
scr mini power inverter
scriptable thermometer
self resonance piezo buzzer with 1 18v
self switching power supply by 7805
separate stereo signal with lm324
sequential flasher christmas light strings by scr
serial servo control by 16f84
serial to parallel converter circuit diagramw
serial voltmeter using the pic16c71
servo pulse to pwm converter by lm324
shock alarm circuit by lm358
signal generator by ic 8038
signal sound receiver with induction coil
simple 12 180v boost converter using the 555 as controller
simple 6 input alarm
simple 9volt positive voltage regulator
simple ac to dc converter 9vac to 35vdc
simple amplifier by transistor ac128
simple amplifier by transistor ac1281
simple audio alarm with transistor
simple audio mixer circuit with fet 2n3819
simple audio power amplifier 60w by k1058 j162
simple bounceless switch by 4011
simple bounceless switch using cd4049
simple car battery charger circuit
simple charges lead acid batteries by max773
simple choc block supply by l200
simple class a power amplifier by irf530
simple coil less am receiver by lf356
simple combination lock circuit diagram by 74c14
simple crystal test with led display
simple darkness activated alarm by ic 555
simple dc regulated power supply with overcurrent
simple delay speakers
simple digital counter by 4026
simple digital counter by ic 4026
simple electronic bell generator using lm741
simple flashing light by transistor bc548
simple fm receiver by tda7000
simple fm receiver pocket fm radio by bf184
simple fm transmitter with a single transistor by 2n2222
simple function generator by lm566
simple high power inverter by 2n3055
simple infra red transmiter reciever shematics by ic4060
simple ir audio link
simple knock alarm with piezo sensor
simple led display warn battery low
simple led watt monitor by diode zener
simple light actuated relay by phototransistor
simple light meter by photo resistor
simple light sensitivity metronome using 2n3904
simple lithium ion lipo battery charger
simple lm386 audio amplifier
simple lm386 audio amplifier
simple metronome using transistor
simple pc data acquisition by ad7569
simple power down
simple power supply by fet buz350
simple pre amplifier with transistors bc547
simple pre mic dynamic and electrec condenser micro phone
simple preamplifier by ic lm382
simple psu 3a 15volt
simple pulse generator by ic 555 timer
simple quartz crystal test with meter
simple regulator by transistor c1061
simple regulator circuits by 2n4401
simple regulator circuits by jfet
simple regulator circuits with current limit by fet
simple rf power meter
simple rf power meter
simple scheduling tool circuit
simple siren by 2n2907 transistor
simple sound alarm generator using cd4011
simple square wave generator by bc549
simple step down dc converter multi voltage
simple telephone recorder
simple thermocouple amplifier by op07
simple timer by ca3140 ne555
simple tone oscillator generator by 2n2222
simple touch switch one shot by 4011
simple vu meter form multi meter
simple dc dc converter for digital by 555
sine cosine wave oscillator by tl082
sine wave generator with bridge oscillator by lf351
sine gen
sine wave to ttl converter circuit diagram
single aa cell drive 5 led display flashing
single channel rc cars tx and rx
single chip dual power supply 12v 12v by lm326
single chip voltage converter by hv4205e
single digit voltmeter by ic 4028 lm311
single fet controls 2nd led array in switch mode led backlight
single ic organ by ic ne556
single ic power supply by 78xx
single ic preamp by lm358
single led gate flasher by 4011
single supply function generator by tlc271
siren light from running light
slow servo
small dc motor speed regulator
small ic amplifier 2 watt using lm380
small metronome using 2n3904
small variable power supply by lm723
soft start for power supply units
solar%20charger%20cct%20 %20with%20reg
solar battery 1 2v charger
solar battery charger with overcharge protection
solar cell battery charger
solar cell charges a nicd aa cell when darkness falls
solar cell led lamp with ldr photo cell and extra capacitor
solar cell voltage regulator
solar charger for lead acid battery by lm339
solar garden lamp by cds photocell control
solar garden led light and single nicd aa charger
solar panel controller by 12f675
solar panel current meter
solar panel voltage regulator by lm358 tip142
solar panel voltage regulator by lm358
solar power walkway marker led display
solar powered 5 and 33 supply by lt1300
solar powered reading lamp by lm2941
solar regulator by 2n3906
solid state relay by moc3041 bta41600
solid state tesla coil with 555 timer
sonar sc
sound effects generator by um3561
sound effects generator by um3561
sound effects two tone circuit
sound light 650watt lamp flasher
sound modifier by lm324
speech pitch controller using msm6322gsk
speed alarm for cars
split power circuit
split supply generator 5v to 9v and 4v
split supply generator 5v to 9v and 4v
spot lamp dimmer by lm555 and tip2955
sta505 2×50 watt audio amplifier
stabilised power supply with short circuit indication
stabilized power supply with short circuit protection
stabised current battery charger by lm723
stablised power supply with short circuit indication
standard touch switch by gate of ic 4011
static 0 to 9 display by sn7446
stepdown voltage converter 5v with transistor
stepper motor controller by pic16f84
stepper motor controller by uln2003
stepper motor controller by uln2003
stepper motor driver by 74194
stepper motor driver by sn74194
stepping motor driver using xnor gate
stereo audio amplifier using ic tda2822
stereo limiter by ne5532
stereo mixer 4 input by lf353
stereo preamplifier with adjustment tone by tca5550
stereo synthesiser by transistor
stereo tape head preamplifier using la3161
stereo tone control circuit using ic tda1524a
strange led sequencer
strength meter using ic741
stud sensor automatic
subwoofer filter low pass frequency by lf347
super boost bass by ua741
super flashing light by c1061 circuit
super flashing light by c1061 circuit1
super flashing light by c1061 pcb
super light sensor
super sensitive intruder alarm
super small amp 12w by ic tda7052
supply splitter with ic 741 tip41tip42
svideo connector
sweeping output frequency siren
switch press added reduced pressure
switching 1
switching power supply dual voltage 5v and 33v by lm2575 lm1117
switching regulator using lm1758 a
switching regulator with l4972a
switching supply computer 5v 15a 12v
switching regulator l296
synthesizer basics by sp8793
synthesizer basics by sp8793
table lamp circuit by ic 555
tan timer by ic 4060 and ic 4017
tba820 amplifier
tba820 mini audio amplifier 12w
tda1591 stereo decoder schematic
tda1910 monolithic integrated circuit
tda2040 power amplifier ocl stereo 40w40w
tda2052 60w amplifier with mute st by functions
telephone amplifier by lf351tba820m
telephone in use indicator
telephone line protector circuit diagram
telephone listening bug by a933
telephone listening bug with fm transmitter by a933
telephone recorder switch by fet
telephone ringer
telephone status indicator
telephone transmitter with bf494
telephone voice effect changer
telephone tap circuit
temperature controlled fan 12v dc
temperature controller with u217b
temperature light brightness meter with lcd
temperature window switch
temple three state logic ic cd4001
tera ohm meter power supply by icl7650
test transistor in circuit by ic 4011 circuit
testing transistors with an ohmmeter
the 12 volt supply by tip42
the 12 volt supply by tip42
the 25 30kv dc generator by 2n3055
the class a 2n3055 amplifier 20w
the main tube amplifier 4w
the microscope with tv video out by 12f675
the multi purpose amplifier using tda2030
the output adjustable flyback converter 600v
the remote controller by 16f627
the simplest possible ph meter
the tritium type 3 solar engine motor control
the variable high voltage power supply 0 3kv
the zen headphone amplifier by irf610
thermal fan controller by ic 741 and diode
time delay relay ii by ic 4011
timer plus relay by ic ne555
timer set for 30 minutes
timer with buzzer and optocupler
toggle switch
tone burst generator by lm555
tone generator by 2n4891
tone generator control with light using ic 555
tone volume balance with electronic control by lm1036
top linear power supply regulator 5v 5a with 7812 and lm723
top204 switching power supply
touch controlled musical bell using um3481
touch motor control by scr and schmitt trigger
touch switch by ic 4001 4020
touch switch low cost by timer ic 555
touch control switch by 555 timer
touch switch on off
toy motor driver circuits
transformerless 5 volt power supply
transistor organ by 2n4891
transistor organ by 2n4891
treble boost using lm741
treble booster by 741
triangle and squarewave generator by ic 40106
triangular waveform using schmitt trigger
tripler converts 5v to 15v by max1683
tripler converts 5v to 15v by max1683
true sine inverter block diagram
ttl to rs232 converter by max232
tube line preamplifier project
tubelight electronic choke
turn an atx power supply into a lab psu
tv and fm jammer schematic using 2n2222
tv oscilloscope adaptor
tv pattern generator by zna234
tv transmitter with transistor bc547
tv signal amplifier
twin t notch filter by tl082
two down one
two led christmas lightbulb
two led flasher by gate of ic 4011
two led flashing alternate display using lm324
two sirens sound with ic 555
two tone alarm generator using lm3900
two tone alarm with ic lm3900
type 3 solar engine by 2n39062n3904
type 3 solar engine by 2n39062n3904
uc3906 charger
uhf tv linear amplifier 4w by bf136
uhf tv linear amplifier 5 w by blw98
ujt organ circuit by 2n4891
uln2003 control stepper motor by parallel port
ultra regulation power supply 24v 24v by lm317lm337
ultra simple voltage probe
ultrasonic parking sonar by 4017
ultrasonic pest repellent by cd4013
ultrasonic range meter by pic16f873
um66t ic melody integrated circuit
uninterruptible alarm power supply by 7805
universal ir controller for a pc by 74ls74555
universal power supply with ic78xx and mj2955
universal psu 4a 0 24v by l200
universal rc5 rc6 transceiver by pic16f628
unregulator power supply
up down counter circuit by cd4011
usb ds1820 pc thermometer by pic16c745
usb ipod charger by reg1117a
usb li ion battery charger by mcp73861
usb lipo battery charger by max1555
usb power from cigar lighter socket by lm317
usb powered aa nimh nicd battery charger by lm393
usb powered lithium ion battery charger by lm3622
usb rs232 converter
usb to 5v sepic dc dc converter with short circuit protection
usb to rs232 converter by ic max235
usb to serial adapter rs 232
v7 vhf fm transmitter by 2n3866
v7 vhf fm transmitter by 2n3866
valve transmitter 7 watt 35 30 mhz
variable 50v regulator using ca3140 2n3904 2n3055
variable dual power supply lm317 lm337
variable voltage 0 25v 10a switching regulator by l4970
vco analog to digital by lm331
vco with lm331
vehicle interior lighting switch off delay circuit diagram
veronica stereo encoder
very simple led flashing with sound
very simple voltage level indicator
vhf audio video transmitter by bf494
vhf preamplifier 15 20 db
vhf receiver using mc3363
vhf video transmitter
vhf video transmitter 2n3904
video speed 6 bit flash a d converter by ca3306
video to rf modulator
voice bandwidth filter circuit diagram
voice warning by ic 555
voltage controlled filter ssm2044p
voltage cut off circuit using time delay
voltage detector by ic tl431
voltage doubler circuit
voltage level indicator
voltage programmable square wave generator
voltage reference by ic lm334
voltage regulator
voltage sensitive oscillator by 2n4891
voltage controlled switch by bc547
vom 24v
wall clock governor driver
warbling alarm circuit with tone generator
watch dog for telephones by ne555
water activated musical bell using m3482
water alarm with lm380
water alarm with lm3801
water drain pump controller by ic 4013
water level alarm by 4011
water level indicator by lm393
water softener circuit using ne555
water alm
waveform generator with icl8038
whistle to beep circuit by cd4049
wideband vhf uhf shf 22db preamp by mar 6
wide band rf amplifier 10mhz to 500mhz
window foil burglar alarm with scr
wire loop alarm with 2n700
wireless controlled lightdimmer pic12f629
witness camera circuit
xenon strobe light 110v by scr
xenon strobe
xtal osc
zn414 mk484 portable am receiver


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